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Welcome to Stardisc

Check out our latest release- Frank Zappa!
FZ is in the house!
Videos, music, over 90 articles and interviews... take a tour through the life of the greatest composer of the 20th century.
Assorted Debris: Frank Zappa

We've also got Stevie Ray Vaughan on CD-Rom.
A complete multimedia tribute to the greatest blues guitarist EVER to pick up a Strat. You simply will not find a more compehensive collection than this.
SRV:A Tribute

Who we are...
Our parent company is Tier 2 Design, through which we are involved in web and graphic design, e-commerce solutions, business card cd-roms, etc. In our spare time, however, our real passion is music.
We decided to combine the two and created a Jaco Pastorius CD-Rom, which met with overwhelming success. Unfortunately, due to a disagreement with Jaco Pastorius, Inc., that release is no longer available. On the bright side, Stardisc was spun-off to concentrate on researching and producing our CD-Roms.

About our products
Our CD-Rom's are actually 'living' books. Besides the written word, we also use audio, video and pictures to tell the complete story. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services and believe that our content is unsurpassed. We have a deep personal interest in our projects and completely research our subject matter to bring you the most comprehensive collection of information available, all packaged in a professionally designed multimedia presentation.
The media used for all of our presentations is 700mb Black Diamond (like the ones for your Playstation) and we ship them in their own jewel cases- not a flimsy paper sleeve. We have created these presentations to work with nearly any Windows compatible system. However, due to the content rich format and the various multimedia files, some older systems may run a bit slow. If you have any questions regarding our CD-Roms, email tech support.

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