Dek Hockey Rules


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Local rules

SECTION ONE: Dek Hockey Dimensions

SECTION TWO: Equipment

SECTION THREE: Dek Hockey Teams

SECTION FOUR: Game Officials


SECTION SIX: Playing Rules

Along with the Official Rules, Mon Valley Dek Hockey also enforces the following:

These rules are not meant to be all inclusive. If you have any questions, please see the game officials or management.

  2. Use caution at all times - especially when the surface is slippery.
  3. Please remove all empty bottles and garbage from the player benches following your game.
  4. All players must complete an Individual Registration Form and a Physical Injury Waiver.
  5. Only rostered players and coaches are permitted on the benches.
  6. All registration money MUST be paid by the fourth game. If you are not paid in full by then, do not expect to play.
  7. If you are caught with an illegal player - you have forfeited the game.  If this is a protest from the opposing team - it must be made BEFORE the game starts. An illegal player may not be of proper age (without approval from the management), not on the roster, a suspended player, or a player that is not fully paid or owes a fine.
  8. Equipment: All players under 15 years old must have shin guards, elbow pads, gloves and an approved helmet with a full face shield.
    All players 16 and over are required to wear gloves and shin guards.  We strongly recommend some sort of helmet, but the choice is left to the player.
  9. Adult teams are responsible for a $12 ref fee before each game. If ref fees are not paid, the game becomes a forfeit. Adult teams must also supply the balls (2 by each team) for all games.  No balls = No game.
  10. All players on a team must have similar colors on.  The officials have the right to disallow a player on the surface if they do not comply.
  11. While we make every effort to correctly identify players for statistics, our officials are not responsible for getting your jersey number right, especially if you are not wearing a number, wearing the wrong number or do not know your number.
  12. If in the opinion of the officials you slide and take a players legs out you will be assessed a 2 minute double minor penalty.
  13. The referees’ decisions are final! NO OBJECTIONS! If you touch, push or excessively argue with an official you are guaranteed a lengthy suspension.
    First offense: Team Warning
    Second Offense: 1 Minute Unsportsmanlike Conduct
  15. NO DEK ABUSE: Slamming doors or hitting the dek, goals or boards, or throwing any equipment.
    First offense: 1 Minute Unsportsmanlike conduct PLUS 1 game suspension
    Second offense: 3 game suspension.
    If any damage is done, the player or team will pay for repairs.  You will not play again until restitution is made.
  16. Some suspensions can be served as a work day instead of missing a game.  The decision will be left to management.


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